The Hedgehog Calendar

  • January – Many hedgehogs are now deep in hibernation and will only leave their hibernacula if they are disturbed.
  • February – Hedgehogs remain in hibernation but their fat reserves are becoming low.
  • March – During mild weather some hedgehogs may wake up.
  • April – The majority of hedgehogs are now out of hibernation and are busy building up their body fat to prepare for the breeding season.
  • May – Mating happens during this month
  • June – Some hoglets are born but they are too young to leave the nest, their mother will go out and forage and feed returning to the nest to feed her hoglets.
  • July – Mum and hoglets will leave the nest together to go on foraging trips.
  • August – The hoglets become independent of their mother and are often vulnerable to predator attack.
  • September – Some females produce a second litter
  • October – Adult hedgehogs are busy feeding and constructing hibernacula’s in preparation for hibernation.
  • November – Many adult hedgehogs are now in hibernation.
  • December – Hibernation


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