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Basic Facts

The Latin word for hedgehog is Erinaceus and our own British hedgehog is scientifically known as Erinaceus Europaeus: it is the same species that occurs throughout most of Europe and belongs to the family, Erinaceidae.  In Britain they are found almost everywhere except some of the Scottish islands. Like most nocturnal creatures, hedgehogs have poor …

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Dos and Don’ts

Do Keep a continuous supply of drinking water in your garden in shallow saucers. Provide escape routes from garden ponds – chicken wire at one end and steps the other. Keep rubbish sacks tied during the week.  Hedgehogs often climb in a get taken away with the rubbish. Check sheds/garages and greenhouses for hedgehogs before …

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Out during the day?

A hedgehog out in daylight – not at dawn or dusk – is likely to be in trouble. Hedgehogs are nocturnal and there are very few reasons why they would put in an appearance in full daylight, most of those reasons mean they are in trouble. Please do not put the animal back under a …

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Rescue or Leave?

Rescue when………. The hedgehog is out during the day and appears to be sunbathing Hedgehogs are nocturnal emerging from their nest at dusk to forage for food and returning to the nest to sleep at dawn.  You will only see them out during the day if there is a problem.  They do not sunbathe!  Should …

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Cheddar Weddar

This Weather Widget is provided by the Met Office The Weddar in Cheddar for when hogs are feeling beddar Releasing hedgehogs isn’t as straightforward as it would at first appear. Often we can’t just stick them back outside where they came from, especially if they have been with us for some time. One of the …

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