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Wessex Water came in to do some filming!

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The Big Appeal – Hedgehogs need your help, please send a £1.00!

Prickles Hedgehog Rescue has grown beyond all expectation, last year we rescued and released 839 hedgehogs.  We have cared for 358 since the 8th August 2012.  Hogspital is currently a purpose built building and up to now we have catered for the hedgehogs in our care but space has become an increasing problem.

Time to expand……  we are looking to purchase land with existing buildings to develop a large hogspital, with an assessment room, orphan room, examination room, staff room, office and we would like to have a visitor centre where children, community groups and general visitors can come and learn not only about the hedgehogs in our care but also how you can support them in the wild.  The current position is our home is up for sale and we have identified the ideal place near to us in Cheddar.  If every visitor to this site gave a £1.00 in no time at all we would be well on the way to raising £450’000.00, this would enable us to buy the land and buildings that we so desperately need.

The rescue, rehabilitation and release of the hedgehog is becoming more and more important as they continue to struggle, they are now protected and will soon be listed as an endangered species   There is a high risk they may become extinct without our support.  In the 1970′s there were 30 million hedgehogs in the UK we now know the numbers have dropped to 1.4 million.  All we need is 450’000 people to send a £1.00 or more if you can.  If you would like to help us you can  use the paypal link on this site or you can send a cheque  made payable to Prickles Hedgehog Rescue,  7 Copper Close, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3BJ .  Thank you for your help Jules

Hedgehogs will soon be emerging from hibernation, they will be hungry and thirsty.  Please place food and water in your gardens, you may well receive a regular visitor.  Should you find a hedgehog out in the day please call 07806744772 for advice.


Thank you to Centaur Services, Framptons and ASDA Highbridge for your support!

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So cold out there……

We are having an exceptionally cold start to Spring and the hedgehogs are struggling.  Some are emerging from hibernation and as they forage from garden to garden there is little natural food available to them.  This begins a downward trend of being hungry, getting cold and slowly they begin to deteriorate   They may appear during the day or they may struggle on after dark.  There is two ways you can help,  if you see a small hedgehog out at night or a hedgehog out during the day please call us for advice 07806744772.   We are admitting them to Prickles warming them up and offering food, water and a dry bed until the weather warms up and they can be returned to the wild.  You may also disturb one who is still in hibernation while you are out gardening.  It is always risky covering them back up as hedgehogs are very good at building nests.  If you leave a gap the penetrating cold will get through and will cause the hedgehog major problems.  Again it is best to call us for advice!

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Thank you

The Prickles appeal has been a great success, within the first week we have raised £1100.00.  Thank you so much, still a long way to go.  If 450000 people sent us £1.00 we would be able to buy the premises we desperately need.

If you see a hedgehog out in the day it is almost certainly a poorly one, please contact 07806744772 for advice.

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What a busy winter……

Prickles has admitted 350 hedgehogs since August 2012!  Wow, they were mainly autumn juveniles suffering with a heavy infestation of lung worm   We are pleased to say 94% of the hedgehogs all survived after responding to treatment and the ones who sadly died were too poorly on admission.  This is a percentage that we are all proud of at Prickles and it is down to an excellent working relationship with the veterinary team at Langford and a highly committed and hard working team of volunteers.  We were able to release some of the hedgehogs during a mild spell in November.  However, we are currently caring for 171 hedgehogs and all but two are due to be released back to the wild as soon as the weather warms up.

Prickles continually relies on the goodwill of members of the public who generously support the work of our charity.  I would like to thank you as without your support it would be near on impossible to care for the hundreds of hedgehogs that come through our door during the year, 2012 saw our busiest year with over 680 staying at Prickles for various amounts of time.  That is a lot of cat meat and cat biscuits (hedgehogs preferred diet in captivity).  I would also like to thank Centaur Services, Castle Cary and Framptons of Shepton Mallet.

We are now moving into a new hedgehog year and we saw our first hedgehog arrive at Prickles last Thursday, she had emerged from hibernation and immediately became tangled in garden netting.  She is now well and is enjoying her days curled up on a heatpad.  She will be released back to the wild when the weather warms up.

Some of you may have heard that we had two hoglets born in Prickles last Thursday!  It is common for hedgehog rescue centres to place hedgehogs together as they fair better when in captivity.  We thought we had three boys together,  oh dear we had two boys and a girl.  Ali and Jo two of our volunteers had a great shock last week during the clean out when they found two new born hoglets with mum and the two boys all curled up together.  Hoglets are born from May in the wild.  Mum and hoglets have been transferred to a new nest and they are all doing well.  Jules is getting a certain amount of stick and the conclusion is she doesn’t know the difference between boys and girls!!

Hedgehogs are beginning to emerge from hibernation this time of year and will be very hungry and thirsty, please place food and water in your garden, cat meat, biscuits are ideal.  Should you come across a hedgehog during the day please phone us immediately for advice as hedgehogs are nocturnal and shouldn’t be out during the day.  The hog line is 24/7 and you can contact us on 07806744772.

Please continue to support our work, there are various ways on this web site and we also have a Prickles Hedgehog Rescue Wish list at Amazon.  Thank you.

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Winter Appeal!

Prickles is currently caring for 137 hedgehogs including 17 that have been admitted since yesterday morning.  They will be with us throughout the Winter and will be awake and feeding ready for there release in Spring 2013.

If you would like to support us in caring for them they all enjoy chicken or turkey cat meat in jelly, poultry flavour cat biscuits and dried meal worms is their favourite.  They all sleep in fleece blankets which keep them clean and warm and all receive medical treatment during there stay with us.

If you would like to send items through the post the address is Prickles Hedgehog Rescue, 7 Copper Close, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3BJ


You can donate to Prickles by clicking on the paypal  donation button.

Thank you

Hoggy Christmas


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Crispian the star!

I would like to start by saying a really big thank you for all those people that have followed the story of Crispian in the National newspapers/radio and websites all over the world.  This really puts our hedgehogs on the world stage.  Also a big thank you for the donations that Prickles has received!  Thank you.  The money will be spent on feeding and treating the 74 hedgehogs that we are currently caring for and of course Crispian is included.

The story is even more timely as we are approaching Bon Fire night and this can be a very dangerous time for our little spiky friends.  They will readily wander into unlit bon fires and make themselves a nest, so please can I ask you all to check for hedgehogs and other little animals before you lite!  Many hedgehogs end up getting badly injured each year as a result of bon fires.

The weather has turned really cold and we are still taking in a large number of  autumn juveniles on a daily basis, these are coming in cold, wet and dehydrated.   Should you come across a small hedgehog at night or a hedgehog out during the day please phone your local rescue for advice or call us at Prickles 07806744772.

Letting you all know Crispian is thriving and enjoying his daily saucer of cat meat/biscuits, oh and dried meal worms!!! Jules

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What is an autumn juvenile?

Autumn juveniles are young hedgehogs that have recently left mum and are fending for themselves in the wild!  These little hedgehogs traditionally struggle as the nighttime temperatures fall away and their natural food supply begins to diminish.  Their mothers are busy feeding themselves in preparation for hibernation, the ideal hibernation weight being a minimum of 600 grams.  We know that many of the little juveniles will be unable to reach this weight and will die if they are left out to fend for themselves during the early stages of Winter.

Members of the public will often come across these little hedgehogs during August to November and it is during this time of year when rescue centres are busy admitting autumn juveniles on a daily basis.  Prickles is no exception and we are admitting up to six hedgehogs a day, some are coming in weighing as little as 161 grams.  The majority suffer with internal parasite infestations and lungworm is the number one parasite that the autumn juveniles pick up, they pick them up when eating slugs etc.  This is mainly due to the time of year and the weather also plays an important part in the life cycle of these horrid worms.  As the hedgehogs health deteriorates so does their immune system and this makes them more susceptible to severe parasite infestations.  Having said that with the right treatment these little ones usually recover and spend the winter in rescue centres until they are released back to the wild in the Spring.  This is where the term overwintering hedgehogs comes from!

At Prickles all of the autumn juveniles that are admitted go through the same worming regime, treatment for lungworm, roundworm and thorny headed worm, a course of antibiotic and the little hedgehogs are placed on heat pads until they become stable.  Initially they are fed during the day and night until they are able to gain weight and the parasites have been killed.  All treatment is given via injection as there curling mechanism prevents us from giving their medication orally.  All hedgehogs are given fluids on arrival to counter dehydration and shock.  This is a treatment plan that we have been working too for the past three years and our success rate with the autumn juveniles is very good.

Should you come across a baby/small hedgehog during the day or night please call Prickles for advice.  If the nightime temperatures continue to fall it is unlikely the little ones will reach the minimum hibernation weight.  We are a 24/7 rescue centre please call us on 07806744772.

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One of those years…

mainly down to the weather.  You can usually predict the hedgehog year and at Prickles we are always prepared for adults, juveniles and hoglets.  This year has been no different except it has been a little bit all over the place.

The mild winter saw us rescuing hedgehogs all the way through from August to March, this is unusual as most hedgehogs are hibernating by November so the number of calls usually reduce significantly.  We successfully released the hedgehogs that were with us over the winter during March/April.  We then took in a steady number of hedgehogs who were emerging from hibernation poorly.  During May/June/July we were busy hand feeding hoglets as well as taking in mum and babies and adult hedgehogs who were poorly.  August saw us taking in poorly, injured adults and juveniles from the first round of hoglets that were born during June/July.  September has brought us mum and hoglet plus two hoglets who are being hand fed, a steady influx of injured adult hogs as well as a number of juveniles and it is only the 5th!!  We know that hedgehogs have a second litter during September/October so the staff at Prickles are getting prepared to hand feed once again.


We have rescued 400 hedgehogs this year  and we continue to admit hedgehogs daily.   The number of hedgehogs in Prickles never drops below 55, more often it is usually up in the 70′s.  We have a fantastic group of volunteers who do there bit to support the work of the charity and we have four Duty Managers and a Care Manager who go way beyond the call of duty.  We have just introduced a pick up rota which eases the pressure of caring for the poorly patients and rescuing the ones that need rescuing.  We are in need of volunteers and if you have some spare time on your hands with a love of animals we would be interested to hear from you.

We are holding our AGM on September 25th at 7.30pm, at Hannah Moore Cottage, Norville Lane in Cheddar where I am hoping to expand the charity further.

We are moving into Autumn and there are baby hedgehogs out there who will start to struggle as the nighttime temperatures fall away.  Please phone us immediately for advice should you come across a baby hedgehog or a hedgehog out during the day.  We operate 24/7 and you can reach us on 07806 744772


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Autumn Juveniles

As we move closer to autumn most hedgehog rescue centres see a steady influx of  what we refer to as autumn juveniles.  These being little hedgehogs that have recently left mum, they are usually aged between 6-8 weeks of age and look like miniature hedgehogs.  They are often found wandering around peoples gardens in the day looking for food and water.  Many of these little hedgehogs struggle to survive especially as the nighttime temperatures begin to fall away.  They require immediate rescue as they need expert care.  It is very tempting to hang onto these little ones and try to care for them yourselves please don’t do this, they are very complex and what can appear to be a very healthy little hedgehog one minute can be a collapsed or worse still a dead hedgehog the next.  Should you come across one please phone us immediately for advice.

Prickles has admitted eight juveniles during the past week and two adults.  I am pleased to say that they are all doing very well and responding to the treatment that they are receiving.  We are hopeful that the little ones at Prickles will reach sufficient weight (600 grams) to be released and that they will have a successful hibernation.

Should you come across a hedgehog out during the day please pick it up using an old towel place it in a box and phone us immediately, we are a 24 hour seven day a week rescue centre.

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