Crispian the star!

I would like to start by saying a really big thank you for all those people that have followed the story of Crispian in the National newspapers/radio and websites all over the world.  This really puts our hedgehogs on the world stage.  Also a big thank you for the donations that Prickles has received!  Thank you.  The money will be spent on feeding and treating the 74 hedgehogs that we are currently caring for and of course Crispian is included.

The story is even more timely as we are approaching Bon Fire night and this can be a very dangerous time for our little spiky friends.  They will readily wander into unlit bon fires and make themselves a nest, so please can I ask you all to check for hedgehogs and other little animals before you lite!  Many hedgehogs end up getting badly injured each year as a result of bon fires.

The weather has turned really cold and we are still taking in a large number of  autumn juveniles on a daily basis, these are coming in cold, wet and dehydrated.   Should you come across a small hedgehog at night or a hedgehog out during the day please phone your local rescue for advice or call us at Prickles 07806744772.

Letting you all know Crispian is thriving and enjoying his daily saucer of cat meat/biscuits, oh and dried meal worms!!! Jules

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  1. Stuart Harrison-Best says:


    Check out the ‘Stop Press’ page on http://www.catawall.com. Although its mainly a site to promote my wifes book of poems about cats, she could not resist the story of Crispian.



  2. Prickles says:

    Thank you Stuart, well worth a read! Jules

  3. 2nd Wilmslow Brownies says:

    I have now received a lovely package on behalf of 2nd Wilmslow Brownies and cannot wait to show Crispian’s photo to the girls and tell them how he is getting on.

    It was a unanimous decision to take up his sponsorship.

    Rachel Amelan, Brown Owl,

  4. Kieran Mulvaney says:

    In my adult life, I am a writer and blogger for Discovery Channel News in the US. As a child, I was a hedgehog-obsessed resident of Weston-super-Mare. So I loved hearing about Crispian; I hope you enjoy this Discovery blog I wrote about the story. http://news.discovery.com/earth/the-great-hedgehog-rescue-121111.html

    1. Prickles says:

      Hi Kieran

      Great to hear from you and thank you for sending me the story of Crispian, he really has become a international star. I am more than happy to send you an update on Crispian, he also has his own email address crispianhedgehog@gmail.com and a Crispian face book/blog will be up and running shortly I will let you know when these go live.

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